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Free Archiver - Things To Remember

Date Added: March 31, 2012 05:21:53 PM
Author: sm30
The major designation of the archiver programs is the compression of the files with the aim of saving computer memory. Taking into account that it is mostly not possible to work with archived files directly, they are used for keeping copies of the files. That is the reason why the term archive is applied in relation to the compressed files. File compression is usually applied for files transportation, for back-up copies and for sharing files through the Internet. From time to time even disc archive process is applied to improve the efficiency of their application. File archiver constitutes a software that allows to create copies of the files of smaller size with the help of special information compression methods, as well as to combine copies of a few files into a single archive file. It is also possible to extract files in their initial form from any file archive. File archiver program represents an important program and all the computer users establish this kind of program to their personal computers. If selecting the file archiver to install to your personal computer you should pay attention to a range of criteria so as to select the best file archiver software product for you. First of all, it is required to pay attention to the working speed of the software product, the range of offered functions and the ratio of compression. Taking into account that most people are searching for the software products that are free of charge, we're glad to offer you the B1 archiver that is not only multifunctional, but also totally free of charge both for commercial and personal use. The B1 file archiver is able to work with the most popular archive formats and on any platform of your personal computer, smartphone or laptop. In addition, the B1 file archiver is quite fast, and even the most sophisticated users will be pleased with the operating speed of the program, as well as the compression ratio. In addition to the wide diversity of provided functions, the B1 archiver program is a user-friendly program, in such a way it is appropriate both for professional PC users and amateurs as well.
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